AMAZULU: People of the Sky

AMAZULU: People of the Sky

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Nitram The Protector is the ruler of the Kingdom of Eiden, but he is not the real heir to the throne, in fact he is the uncle of Prince Ocram, the true exiled king of the realm whose right to rule has been usurped by devious plotters and planners.

But things are about to change…..
Prince Ocram has been in exile since childhood and few people know of his existence or his true place on the throne. The fates have foretold of his return to liberate his people and rightly claim his kingdom. Eiden has many natural resources but its chief economic export is the extremely rare ore Diamidian mined in limitless quantities and is desired by many of the surrounding solar systems to power their energy centers. The powers that control the ruling body ensure that the ore is mined in plentiful supply and that the vast profits make their way into the hands of the rich and powerful monarchs that continue to support the reign of Nitram The Protector.

It has been over 25 years since the disappearance of young Prince Ocram who was whisked away in the dark of night. Many believed he had been killed by the legendary white tiger, Ocrumandaka. The Kingdom of Eiden is inhabited by people from all parts of the universe and although life on Eiden is profitable its' people have grown restless. They long for a return to the glory days; when they were warriors. There are rumors that a mighty power, the Stone Orcs, who have been supporting Nitram The Protector are growing uneasy with the way the profits from mining the Diamidian have been divided, stirring up abounding echoes throughout the kingdom that the real king is alive and will return prominence and prestige back to their kingdom. This is where our story begins as Prince Ocram, the rightful heir to the throne learns of his true identity and begins the journey to make his move against the powers that kept his kingdom from him……….