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The future of my animated films

When I Started MarBar Studios it was a dream to be able to create graphic novels and comics for all the stories that were in my head. Over the years of learning how to animate and to tell exciting stories the skills that I was learning were able to be translated into the video gaming arena. Marbar Studios has now morphed into a video games development company. I can remember the long nights trying to develop stories and concepts that I thought would be exciting and comedic for my followers. Some material got great response and some have met the trash heap and burned. But all along the journey of discovery and self improvement I was always given hope and encouragement by YOU, my followers and cheering section.

We now embark on a journey that takes MarBar Studios farther than we could have ever imagined. We have completed not , one, but two video games under our own publishing banner.

1. Biblos Chronicles: Shadowalkers_The Recruits

  • A FREE first person shooter adventure game created in the very first game software I used to start my learning curve with, GAMEGURU. In this game, you are a recruit trying to become the ELITE soldier that is selected to join the Shadowalkers Special Ops Unit. The game has 10 levels that you will encounter to test your marksmanship, your tactical skills, and your stealth abilities.

2. Crystal Skulls:Legends Of Time

  • You are on a quest to find the 13 crystal skulls of Mayan myth. It is said whom so ever has these crystals will be able to possess great power. This is a Zombie wave adventure game. It was made in UNREAL Engine 4 which has enabled me to improve the graphics and flow in my games. Zombies will be coming at you from all directions and the game gets progressively faster with each wave of zombies until you reach the BOSS. The game has 10 levels and can also be played in multiplayer fashion if you have a Steam account.

Each of these titles took hours of sweat, tears, and constant determination to complete. There were many days when I just wanted to quit and thought that I had taken on too much. Now, however looking at the completed projects; I feel a sense of accomplishment like no other. I am sure that there will be revisions and further improvements to continue, but that is par for the course. The biggest takeaway from the experience is that I never gave up or gave in to self doubt. My determination was unwavering, and I believed in a dream.

That dream is now a reality that I can be proud of and feel that I have made a worthy contribution to the gaming community.

What is truly fantastic about this experience is that now I have learned how to use UNREAL engine. Their latest improvements now allow me to use my 3D software program in conjunction so that I now have a REAL-TIME rendering system. This means that animating stories can now be done inside the UNREAL Engine which improves my creative workflow and provides me with a superior output.

Marco Barnes Jr

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