About Me

A Talented Animator and Storyteller

When I was growing up I would tell people that i wanted to be a writer. They would laugh and I was told that there was no future in being a creative. I needed to get a "REAL" job and get my head out of the clouds.

So I went to work in the corporate world for 20 years. It was a grind, but the funny thing is, I was always the one put in charge of Marketing or creating advertising for different campaigns.  I didn't realize it at first, but it was those projects and years of learning different programs like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, PowerPoint. Meeting deadlines and working under pressure prepared me to be where I am today.

Over the years I wanted to create stories and it was one day while creating a picture for a comic in Smith Micro's Poser software that  I experimented with the animation functions. I saw my very own character walk across the screen with personality and flare.  From that day until now I was hooked on animation.

I am self taught in the use of 3DSMax, Reallusions's IClone, ZBrush, and Marvelous Designer. I have now learned UNREAL and HITFILM as I now tell stories that bring characters that have lived in my imagination to "LIFE" with the ability to talk, move, and have a personality.

If you would like me to bring your story or character to "LIFE" please contact me at admin@marbarstudios.com

BlaQ Ops Logo.jpg

BlaQ Ops

Animated Web Series

With each project I’m involved in, I see to it that it’s undertaken efficiently — from the initial brainstorming session and first rounds of sketches all the way to the final animation. With this series I wanted to create a series that could be enjoyed by everyone. I wanted it to tell a complete story


BlaQ Ops


If you prefer not to watch each episode individually, here is the full 2 seasons of BlaQ Ops combined in its entirety into a 90 minute animated movie.


First Pharaohs


First Pharaohs is an animated movie short Pilot preview for an animated web series by the same name. The story follows a group of explorers seeking the myth behind the "13 crystals skulls" that are said to possess magical powers.


Biblos Chronicles:The ShadoWalkers Back Story


This is the back story for MarBar Studios video game, Biblos Chronicles: The Shadowalkers. It provides you, the fan, with a full story of how the Shadowalkers came to be. It gives the history of Sam Mawrie who is put into a position that will ultimately save Earth from domination by alien races.